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The Australian Para Nationals are coming to the Warwick Bowling Club on October 5th - 9th 2023.  

The event is going to showcase some of the country's best bowlers with a disability.

The Athletes with a physical impairment are classified according to the International Paralympics Definitions.

The field includes

  • B5: Wheelchair bowlers who can only use a very small bowl (size 00) due to limitation of upper limb function. Ambulant and wheelchair bowlers with restricted grip and upper body limb function, poor balance and co-ordination, unable to bowl a full length end or needing a splinting device to do so (Not including the bowling arm as used in Australia).

  • B6: Ambulant and wheelchair bowlers with reduced balance function (loss of 5 points or more) but able to bowl a full length end.

  • B7: Ambulant and wheelchair bowlers with minor balance problems (loss of less than 5 points).

  • B8: Ambulant bowlers, who have a permanent and irreversible disability, have lost 10 points on the bench test, but have no noticeable impairment of function.”  Bowls WA Website.






 Spectators are very welcome.                                                                                     Food and Beverages will be available.


The Warwick Bowling Club is excited to be hosting the
Para Lawn Bowls Nationals
We wish a warm welcome to our visiting athletes and their support team. We know you will have a great time visiting Perth!



All Players - 8:30am - 5:00pm

Warwick Bowling Club

Para Nationals – Helpers required 

Submit your name on form below if you are willing to assist on and around  the greens during the event.

We have been advised that Bowls WA will be appointing Technical Officials eg Umpires and Markers. (Some markers will be from Warwick – some names have been provided) 

Other General Volunteers (GV’s) are required to help kick bowls, push wheelchairs, and maintain the scoreboards.

Helpers on the greens will need to be in Bowls WA approved uniforms. Friday and Saturday are the busiest days we will need up to 40 helpers, I know that sounds like a lot, but that is what we have been asked to provide.

If necessary,  we will ask other clubs to help.  

Warwick Members
Volunteer with Us for Para Nationals

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Para Volunteer

WA Para State Team Practice At Warwick
And so it begins....20/08/23
It's all go now, and our Warwick Bowlers joined in with the WA Para Team for some practice for the upcoming Nationals.
It was a great day
and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.

Para Prac
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