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Organising a Game of Bowls

Bowling Etiquette


Green Fees

Club Bowls Available to Use

What You Need to Play Bowls

Bowls Practice



Club Uniform

Club Opening Hours

Summer Bowls

Winter Bowls - Social

Organising A Game of Bowls

Bowls can be played as an individual game or a team game of 2, 3 or 4 players.
Teams are sometimes selected randomly (drawn), or a team is formed, either by bowlers themselves or   selectors (as in Pennants).

The most common team game is fours where there are four bowlers: lead, second, third and skip.

Teams are sometimes selected randomly - drawn fours, or a team can be put together - nominated fours.

In fours, each bowler plays 2 bowls.

In a game of triples, the lead and second may play 3 bowls and the skip 2 bowls, or, all three bowlers may play 2 bowls. It depends on the competition.

In pairs or singles, each player usually plays 4 bowls. A game is usually a specified number of ends or the first to a certain number of shots up.

Games may or may not include one or two trial ends (roll up).

Bowling Etiquette

Lawn Bowls fosters social interaction, friendship and competition. Bowlers should adhere to Lawn Bowls etiquette, which simply means displaying good sportsmanship and respect for all bowlers and facilities.  

Some aspects of Bowling Etiquette are

  • be on time for the game, introduce yourself and wear your name badge

  • if you are the lead, put the mat down quickly so everyone knows where to kick the bowls

  • put the jack down as quickly as possible to keep the game moving along

  • keep quiet and stand well back while your opponent bowls   

  • wait until your opponent's bowl has stopped rolling before taking your position on the mat

  • applaud a good bowl, however do not applaud your opponent's bad bowl

  • at the change of ends, walk quickly down the centre of the rink. Do not stand at the head looking at it, stand on the bank or well back.  

  • stay out of the way when bowls are being measured for shot

  • help kick the bowls back.


Warwick Bowling Club welcomes bowlers of all ages and abilities.
We have 5 membership options, each having its own entitlements.


Membership Options

Type:                Full Membership

Entitlements:  Allows members to play social bowls, Club Championships and Pennant competitions.

Duration:         Full year

Cost:                $240

Type:                Winter Membership

Duration:         April to mid October

Cost:                $70

                         Offered to new bowlers who attend our Have-a-Go Day allowing them to learn the basics
                         of the game to participate in social bowls over the winter months. The club will contact
                         Winter Members in September with information about Associate and Full Memberships.

Type:                Dual Membership

Duration:         Full year
Cost:                $110

Type:                Associate Membership

Duration:         Full year

Cost:                $110

                         Allows members to play social bowls but not Club Championships or Pennants.

Type:                Social Membership

Duration:         Full year

Cost:                $20

Type:                Junior Membership

Duration:         Full year

Cost:                $50


Membership cards are issued to all members and may need to be shown at the bar.

For further information email

Green Fees

All green fees for social bowls are $10 a game. Fees may be varied by the match committees for different competitions, however we try to keep the costs down so everyone can afford to play our great game.

Sixty percent of the money is disbursed in prizes on the day.

Club Bowls Available To Use

Our club has a selection of bowls available for use on site.

Speak to one of our club coaches should you require assistance deciding what size bowl to use. 

You can use the club bowls for as long as you want. If you like the game and decide to buy your own bowls, you may find second-hand bowls a good starting point.

What You Need To Play Bowls

Required Items

  • A set of bowls

    • A new set of bowls could cost in excess of $500. Second hand bowls are often advertised for sale and are less expensive. They are an excellent starting point for a new bowler.

  • Smooth soled shoes

    • This type of footwear is essential and must be worn at all times to protect the grass and synthetic greens.

  • A Club name badge

    • Wearing your Club name badge assists club members and opposition players with names.

    • The Club name badge costs $10 - see club notice board to order. 

Bowls Practice

Members are encouraged to come to the club and practice when the greens are not being used in a competition.
If a green is not available it will have a 'Closed Green' sign on it.
It is possible to access mats and jacks from a locked box when the clubrooms are closed.
Please enquire with a club member to find out more.


The Warwick Bowling Club has accredited coaches who are available for individual practice or small group practice as required, or if you just need to discuss any issues regarding your bowls.


For more information, Click Here


BowlsWA conducts pennant competitions commencing late October and concluding at the end of March.

The Warwick Bowling Club enters teams in the Ladies' competitions on Tuesday morning
and Saturday afternoon.
The Men's competitions are conducted on Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.

There are various divisions to suit all levels of experience and skill and new bowlers are encouraged to nominate for Pennants, however it is not compulsory.

Please speak with one of our selectors to find out more. 

Please note that all clothing worn for Pennants is to display the Bowls Australia logo - this includes hats.

Pennants trials/practice sessions commence four weeks prior to the first fixture.

Pennant games are played in a home and away format against various clubs in the metropolitan area.

Fees are paid at home games and are currently $5 on Tuesday and $10 on Thursday and Saturday.
(The fee on Thursday and Saturday incorporates a refreshment component.)

Club Uniform

The official Warwick Bowling Club uniform is black bottoms and Club top.

Official Bowls Australia black pants, shorts or skirts can be purchased from Bowls World, Balcatta.

Please contact our Uniform Coordinators to arrange uniform items.

Men's Uniform Coordinator                                                 

Trevor Gardiner                                                    

0439 930 677                                                        

Ladies' Uniform Coordinator

Margaret Slatter

0409 246 354

Item                                                                       Cost

Club Bowling top - short sleeve                  $55

Club Bowling top - long sleeve                    $60

Club Bowling Jacket                                        $100

Club Bowling Vest                                            $60

Club Bowling Peak Cap                                   $25

Club Bowling Bucket Hat                                $26

WBC Hat Band                                                   $10

Club Name Badge                                           $10

Club Polo                                                             $40

Club Opening Hours

The club opening hours differ summer to winter. Please check Latest News and the Social page for current information.

Also note that the bar is staffed by part-time paid workers and accredited Club volunteers.

Summer Bowls

Summer bowls are a combination of social bowls, special events, Club Championships and Pennant competitions. Only full members are able to play in Club Championships and Pennants.

All members playing in club events and pennants will be required to wear the official Warwick Bowling Club uniform. All components of the uniform must bear the Bowls Australia logo.

Please note that you will be required to wear club uniform should you come to the club for a social game of bowls during Men's, Ladies' or Mixed Championships.


Winter Bowls - Social

It is important that you write your name on the list on the Club notice board to indicate your intention to play in organised games.
If you can not get to the club, please ring the club to register before the 'names in' time so that the organisers know you are coming.

Also, contact the club if you have your name on the list and are unable to play on the day.

Green fees are to be paid before playing.

Contact Us

Lloyd Drive, Warwick WA 6024

08 9343 6017

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