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Christmas 2022

THE WBC Christmas Party

The Club looking the part filled with the Christmas Spirit

An enormous amount of effort goes into organizing these events and so a big congratulations to all the Social Committee Team for their efforts in preparing and presenting the 2022 Christmas dinner, The team in the kitchen didn't stop all night.


A most enjoyable Club Event and I am sure I can say everyone who attended was more than impressed with the evening.

How they managed to get Heath off the top of the Christmas tree is quiet amazing and wasn't Mike Bryce excited to hear Santa had arrived (photos below).

As always members pitched in and help to clean-up providing a little bit of respite for the organizers.

The dance floor was busy and the moves were, well they were moving.

Both inside and outside of the club was a dazzle of lights making the Christmas feeling fill the air on a perfect night.

As Klaire said towards the end of the evening "Wouldn't it be good to see this many people at the club on Friday nights".

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