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Social Bowls are played in a friendly, fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere.

The emphasis is on getting a group of people together putting some bowls down
where the focus is enjoying the game.

An Introductory Video for New Participants Explaining the Basics of Lawn Bowls.



Community Bowls (sometimes called Corporate Bowls) are organised bowls events.
Generally this will be in the form of a competition held over several weeks with local businesses, community groups or club sponsors entering teams to compete.

Although an organised event, the competition is generally more relaxed, fun and social in nature.
Apart from flat soled shoes or playing barefoot as requirements to protect the playing surface, no bowls specific clothing is required.

Community Bowls events can also be held as one-off competitions within an individual organisation or business. These are often in the form of team building, corporate social day or Xmas party.



Community Bowls is a great way to start playing in a bowls competition that doesn't require any

previous experience.

Our competitions are usually made up of corporate teams, friends looking to play some bowls together, or family/friends of club members.

Individual players and small groups who are unable to find a team of four, are encouraged to contact our Club if they wish to participate as our organisers can easily arrange for players to fill in to make a complete team.

Owning a set of bowls is not necessary to participate as all community bowlers can use the Club's bowls free of charge whilst playing in our community bowls competition.


Wednesday nights


6.00pm - 9.00pm


$20 nomination fee for a team of four

$10 per player per night thereafter

(Payment includes hamburger before each game and nibbles after the game.)


4 v 4

Teams can have any gender mix.


Casual dress


Flat sole shoes, socks or barefoot

For further information email





Barefoot Bowls is a social format with players participating barefoot. Players feel relaxed and it encourages a more informal and fun mood throughout play. It is an activity loved by young and old and is suitable for any fitness level.

The game can be connected with any type of activity whether it be a birthday party, Christmas party, special event or just a catch up with friends.

Barefoot Bowls at Warwick is great value at just $10 per adult ($5 for children 9-12 years). The bowling session is 2.5 hours with up to 50 players able to play at once across two championship floodlit greens.

Whatever the event, the Warwick Bowling Club can offer a range of catering options at very reasonable prices. This can include BBQ, platters, carvery or canapés.



Bare feet or socks on and around the greens, however correct footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times.


No food or drinks are allowed on the green, even when walking to the other end. Please walk around the green if you wish to take your drink to the other end. Refreshments must be purchased inside the Club

and are allowed in the sun-shaded seating areas around the green.


Do not sit on the ditches. Please use the seating around the green.

Bowl Delivery

The bowl must be rolled along the ground at all times. Do not throw the bowl as this will damage the playing surface. Should anyone throw a bowl from above knee height, they will be removed from the

green immediately.

Playing the Game 

The object of the game is to get as close to the jack as possible.

Play is in both directions.

Before each end, place the mat and jack in the middle of the rink in line with the number on the bank.

Look for the smaller circle on your bowl. This is the side that will curve in towards the centre of the rink.

Stand with both feet on the mat before delivering the bowl.

Right handed players step out with the left foot; left handed players step out with the right foot.


Children under 14 years of age must be supervised at all times. Participants aged 9 years and over are permitted to play.


Designated Smoking Areas Only must be used. This ensures the safety of others and the protection of

our greens. 


If you are looking for an outdoor sport that blends well with parties, drink-safe,
music, a mix of fun, then Barefoot Bowls is the game for you.

Enquiries regarding Barefoot Bowls, including Venue bookings,
please contact Ian Secomb



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