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Community Bowls

Community Bowls (sometimes called Corporate Bowls) are organised bowls events.

Generally this will be in the form of a competition held over several weeks with local businesses, community groups or club sponsors entering teams to compete.


Although an organised event, the competition is generally more relaxed, fun and social in nature.


Apart from flat soled shoes or playing barefoot as requirements to protect the playing surface, no bowls specific clothing is required.


Community Bowls events can also be held as one-off competitions within an individual organisation or business. These are often in the form of team building, corporate social day or Xmas party.

Community Bowls at Warwick

Community Bowls is a great way to start playing in a bowls competition that doesn't require any previous experience.


Our competitions are usually made up of corporate teams, friends looking to play some bowls together, or family/friends of club members.


Individual players and small groups who are unable to find a team of four, are encouraged to contact our Club if they wish to participate as our organisers can easily arrange for players to fill in to make a complete team.


Owning a set of bowls is not necessary to participate as all community bowlers can use the Club's bowls free of charge whilst playing in our community bowls competition.


Wednesday nights


6.00pm - 9.00pm


$20 nomination fee for a team of four

$10 per player per night thereafter

(Payment includes hamburger before each game and nibbles after the game.)


4 v 4

Teams can have any gender mix.


Casual dress


Flat sole shoes, socks or barefoot

Contact Us

Lloyd Drive, Warwick WA 6024

08 9343 6017

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