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Saturday Social

Saturday 24/09/22

Social Bowls today - AFL Grand Final Day

Played Pairs and Triples before retiring into club rooms to watch the Grand Final.

Well done to - Jenny Smith and Jan Barker $$$


Runner Up's -   (skip)



Thursday Social

Thursday 22/09/22

Played Synthetic and Grass

80 Players. Absolutely perfect day for bowls

I'm sure everyone enjoyed the warmth

of the day and the company 

2 sets of 11 ends.


Well done to -Winners – Baz Vanderweil, Hamish Ferguson, Bevan Murray (Skip) $$$


Runner Up's -  Rob Deverell, Gary Chappell, Keith Willett (Skip)

Plate - Graham Slater, Dave Barker, Clive Boyle, Andy Howitt (Skip)

Sunday Mixed



Sunday Mixed Social Bowls

  Mixed Social Bowls at Warwick


We had 35 social bowlers this afternoon. 

Winners: -  F. Martin; R. Loran & J. Ridley

Runner Up: - J. Marris; W. Rees; C. Boyle & N. Appleby

Third: - S. Fraser; A. Loran; H. Albert & E.Kuiper. 

Our Club has a strong tie with Goomalling  witha few of their players playing Mid- Week Pennants for Warwick.

It would be nice for anyone who can play in this comp. to do and demonstrate our appreciation to Goomalling.

Ask someone to make up a team and fly the Warwick Flag.

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