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Ladies' Social Day is traditionally conducted on Wednesday. 

The summer times are 9.00am registration and 9.30am game commencement, whereas

winter times are 9.30am registration and 10.00am game commencement. 

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Ladies' Opening Day                                           BCIB Drawn Fours

Ladies' Christmas Lunch                                   Gloria Cook Drawn Triples

Ladies' Closing Day                                            Wednesday Social Bowls - Results

BCIB Ladies

Ladies’ BCIB Drawn Fours

20 March 2024

Gloria Cook

Gloria Cook Drawn Triples

28 February 2024

Today we commemorated a Life Member and former stalwart supporter of the Warwick Bowling Club with the Gloria Cook Drawn Triples.

In humid conditions, our ladies played excellent bowls and a fun day was had by all.


    1st - Jan Ridley, Margaret Wilson and Joy Anderson

    2nd - Stella Tribble, Uschi Tubbe and Ireene Hill

    3rd - Barb McGuire, Angela Loran and Kath Fenning.

Well done to all ladies who participated in our memorial event.

1st - Jan Ridley, Margaret Wilson, Joy Anderson.jpeg

1st Place - Jan Ridley, Margaret Wilson and Joy Anderson

2nd - Stella Tribble, Uschi Tubbe, Ireene Hill.jpeg

2nd Place - Stella Tribble, Uschi Tubbe and Ireene Hill

3rd - Barb McGuire, Angela Loran, Kath Fenning.jpeg

3rd Place - Barb McGuire, Angela Loran and Kath Fenning

Ladies’ Wednesday Social Bowls

- Results -


Game Format:   

Results:         1st




Ladies Country Week

Women's Country Week Pairs

22 March 2023

Warwick Bowling hosted the Women's Country Week Pairs on Wednesday the 22nd March. 


A Huge THANK YOU goes to all those amazing volunteers that made this day a success.

The Ground Staff who got the greens ready. Thank you.

Cherrie and Trevor Gardener and their team of helpers in Trish,Kaye,Mo,Phyl , Sue Joy and

Liz K who provided our participants with morning tea, lunch and afternoon platters.
The hospitality and food provided was first class so many compliments received.

You are all amazing 

The Bar Staff Angela, Klaire and Jill thank you for your friendly service with a smile.

Our Umpires Werner and Uschi, your adjudication and dedication is outstanding.

The Match Team Colene, Denise and Margaret, your professionalism along with your efficiency

on the day running smoothly was outstanding but this was combined with the computer inputting

of Bill and Colin to show the results on the big screen made the complete package.

I must also pay a special thank you to Trevor and Colin for their hospitality in the

Uber Service they provided to and from the train station to one of the teams

participating they could not thank you enough.


So all in all we have volunteers who go above and beyond

for the club and I am very grateful for them.


Shirley Bradley - Ladies Captain 

Ladies Closing Day

Ladies' Captain and Secretary's

Closing Day

Today the ladies celebrated another season of good bowls and fun times with a game of bowls

and, as usual, a fabulous lunch.


Ladies’ Captain, Shirley Bradley, presented prizes to the winners of the day.


1st Place:               Sue Hinge, Liz Kuipers, Angie Scammell and Mo Wilson


2nd Place:             Barb McGuire, Nancy Sutton, Merilyn Letts and Carmel McIvor


3rd Place:              Jan Barker, Sue Willett, Trish O’Connell and Marg Slatter

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