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Ladies Social Day is traditionally conducted on Wednesday. 

The summer times are 9.00am registration and 9.30am game commencement, whereas

winter times are 9.30am registration and 10.00am game commencement. 

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Ladies Opening Day                                           BCIB Drawn Fours

Ladies Christmas Lunch                                   Gloria Cook Drawn Triples

Ladies Closing Day                                            Wednesday Social Bowls - Results

Ladies Opening Day

20 September 2023

Opening Day


Today the ladies celebrated their Opening Day with a morning 

of enjoyable bowls followed by lunch.


Once again the ladies outdid themselves with a magnificent 

lunch which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Congratulations to our winners for today which was the team 

of Gail Davies, Stella Tribble, Rosa Garner and Trish Ammon.


Ladies' Opening Day 2023
Winning Team

    Gail Davies, Stella Tribble, Rosa Garner, Trish Ammon

Gloria Cook

Gloria Cook Drawn Triples

28 February 2024

Today we commemorated a Life Member and former stalwart supporter of the Warwick Bowling Club with the Gloria Cook Drawn Triples.

In humid conditions, our ladies played excellent bowls and a fun day was had by all.


    1st - Jan Ridley, Margaret Wilson and Joy Anderson

    2nd - Stella Tribble, Uschi Tubbe and Ireene Hill

    3rd - Barb McGuire, Angela Loran and Kath Fenning.

Well done to all ladies who participated in our memorial event.

1st - Jan Ridley, Margaret Wilson, Joy Anderson.jpeg

1st Place - Jan Ridley, Margaret Wilson and Joy Anderson

2nd - Stella Tribble, Uschi Tubbe, Ireene Hill.jpeg

2nd Place - Stella Tribble, Uschi Tubbe and Ireene Hill

3rd - Barb McGuire, Angela Loran, Kath Fenning.jpeg

3rd Place - Barb McGuire, Angela Loran and Kath Fenning

BCIB Ladies

Ladies BCIB Drawn Fours

27 March 2024

A great day of bowls was had today with evenly drawn teams producing excellent bowls and close results. Well done ladies on a fantastic day of bowls.


Our thanks go to Bowling Club Insurance Brokers who generously sponsored the event.

Congratulations to our winning team of Carolyn Thewlis, Stella Tribble, Rosa Garner and Maggie Eddy.


1st Place - Stella Tribble, Carolyn Thewlis, Maggie Eddy and Rosa Garner


2nd Place - Trish O'Connell, Wendy Rees, Lesley Berwick and Nola Appleby


3rd Place - Cat Leahy, Angie Scammell, Wanda Henderson and Phyl Bobridge

Ladies Closing Day

Ladies Captain and Secretary's 
Closing Day

03 April 2024

Today the ladies celebrated another season of good bowls and fun times with a game of bowls and, as has become the norm, a fabulous lunch.

Well done ladies on a great season. Enjoy your break and stay safe.


Congratulations to the winners on the day who were presented with gifts by Ladies Captain Shirley Bradley on behalf of herself and Ladies Secretary Kaye Sullivan who unfortunately could not be present.

C Day 1st IMG_5685.jpeg

1st Place - Jan Barker, Shirley Bradley (Ladies Captain), Stella Tribble,
                      Uschi Tubbe (absent), Joy Anderson (absent)

C Day 2nd IMG_5682.jpeg

2nd Place - Gail Davies, Shirley Bradley (Ladies Captain), 
Julie Cusworth, Angela Loran

C Day 3rd IMG_5681.jpeg

3rd Place - Nola Wilson, Judy Watts, Liz Kuipers,      
                      Wendy Rees 

Ladies Wednesday Social Bowls

Ladies Wednesday Social Bowls will now be operating according to Winter format.

The registration form for each week will be on the Club notice board should you wish to register in advance, or you can register on the day prior to 9.30am. 


Names in By:               9.30am

Games Commence:   10.00am 

Cost:                               $10.00

Dress:                             MUFTI (casual clothing and correct footwear)




Date:            17/07/24



1st      Nola Wilson, Cheryle Smith, Sue Hinge


2nd     Glenice Hahnel, Colene Bell, Jill Martin


Soup Day

- Winter -

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