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Pennant promotion

Pennant Promotions 23/3/24


5 Blue 

Played at home against Maylands.

Tight, close to the end and then the 3 teams produced some great bowls to put themselves in an unbeatable position going into the last 2 ends. Some great pressure bowls played by all players when needed and they deserved their win.

Well Done 5 Blue



What a great way to end the Pennant season with two promotions which set the Warwick Club up for next year.

Congratulations have to go to all the players who participated in this year's Pennant season as well as a special congrats to the Selectors. Not often do the people who sit down every Monday throughout the whole pennant season get the accolades they deserve. A difficult and thankless task that is often overlooked by those who play.

So Well Done Selectors.

Now to today's teams 4th division Blue team playing at Home against Joondalup played really well and I will add in trying windy conditions. They held their nerve and deserved their win. Gaining the Club promotion to 3rd Division next year.

Well done to all players in 4th Blue.

Not to be out done our 2nd division Gold team played at Joondalup for the challenge promotion. The first game against Lake Monger went down to the wire but our boys dug deep and came away with the win.

In the afternoon they stepped up again and played Joondalup 1st division Blue side for a chance at promotion.

They settled into their task and had a comfortable yet competitive win and again, the Club gets a very important promotion to 1st Division next year.

Well done to all players in 2 Gold.

Well Done Selectors.

All in all a very good day for the Warwick Bowling Club.

Division  4 Blue now Division 3 


Division  2 Gold now Division 1 

2nd Div.jpg

Division  5 Blue now Division 4 

5 blue.jpeg
Ladies Pennants

Ladies Pennant Promotions 2023/2024

During the 2023/2024 Tuesday Pennant Season the Warwick Bowling Club ladies submitted teams in four divisions. 

Congratulations to all participants and selectors on the excellent results attained.

Three of our four divisions achieved promotion for the 2024/2025 Pennant Season which is a fantastic effort of which all should be proud.



      Division 1 White promoted to Premier League

      Division 2 Green promoted to Division 1 Green

      Division 3 Blue promoted to Division 2

B Div 1 White Team 2024.jpg
E Div 2 Green Team 2024.jpg
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