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22 APRIL 2024

The Warwick Bowling Club is in an enviable position because we have so many volunteers who give their time and skills selflessly.

Volunteers are the backbone of this club. In reflecting on why so many of our members volunteer, I think there are a variety of reasons:

  • They love the club and want to do their part to ensure it's continued success.

  • They want to keep busy; they enjoy the structure of having regular times when they are involved in "club activities" (and it gets them out of the house).

  • It gives them a sense of purpose and validation.

  • They want to use the skills and experiences they have acquired over their lifetime. Many of our volunteers bring wonderful skills from their working lives, and previous involvement in other clubs and organisations.

  • They are happy to learn new skills, use it or lose it as they say!

We are in a unique position at Warwick as many of our volunteers, at least 50%, volunteer for more than one job. Some of our hard-working volunteers are non-bowling members and we are grateful for their contribution. I would also like to acknowledge that not everyone can volunteer their time and we understand that family commitments always take priority. 

Members of our Club Executive donate a huge amount of time to the club. In the Governance group we have many years of voluntary service.

Our club, community and society is much richer for the efforts of volunteers. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.


Angela Loran


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