Note from Selectors:

You may not be in the positions that you would like, but show your skills on the green and then make your case at Monday's meeting

Don't Forget - Attire is CLUB UNIFORM

Under BowlsWA rules those playing AWAY must provide proof of vaccination to the host club on every visit.
Please carry such proof with you always.
Proof of vaccination will be confirmed via the presentation of an Australian Government COVID-19 Certificate (on-line or hard copy + identification), the Medicare COVID-19 digital certificate or the Service WA app.
Those playing at HOME must have shown proof of being double-vaccinated to the WBC club officials.
Please ensure this has been done before the playing date.

Hi All

Don't forget ,after the game we will be having a few drinks and a light snack.


Thank you all for your support throughout the year and if you are in the finals GOOD LUCK





Barry Bryce, Bernie McNamara, Kevin McPhail, John Thorburn,

and Ken McCarthy Chairman.

As we are the volunteers entrusted to make selection decisions in the best interest of the Warwick Bowling Club,

we ask that these decisions be respected at all times.



BOWLS WA have advised that the Pennant season

will commence on Thursday 28 October then Saturday 30 October 2021.


PENNANT NOMINATION FORM: Please complete the nomination form, which will enable all those wishing to play pennants to advise their intentions and other requested information. Please reply as soon as possible but definitely before 23 July 2021.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.



  • To select players on form/merit.

      This can only be achieved by regular feedback from not only skippers, but all team members. Thank you all!

  • Top sides receive priority of resources – the top side should have the best players, the second side the next best and so on.

  • Those who indicate they aspire to play at the best level and who show they are trying to achieve their goal will receive consideration.

  • As far as circumstances permit consideration will be given to select rinks with a view to compatibility, as this leads to better results.

  • Players who become unavailable for selection may not automatically return to the same division or rink on their return.

      They may be reinstated but it is not guaranteed.

  • After selectors have published the teams, any player who refuses to play where selected will be stood down from pennants for two corresponding, playing dates and will only resume if prepared to play where selected.

  • Players have until 4pm Mondays to make themselves unavailable for that week’s Pennant fixtures.

  • Selection meetings are held at WBC from 4pm Mondays.

      Players are encouraged to attend at such meetings to discuss any issues or concerns, constructive or otherwise they may have.

      Please contact Ken McCarthy 0438931350 to advise your attendance, to arrange a mutual suitable time to attend.

  • Other than at Monday Selection meetings, selectors should not be approached with selection issues or concerns.



  • Rink stability is dependent upon and may be affected by several factors, including form and absenteeism. The average absentee rate for season 2020/21 was 20 each day. Unavailability impacts greatly on rink stability. The higher up the divisions absences occur, the greater the effect on sides below. On a Saturday, WBC has 8 sides comprised of 104 players. If a player from the top side is unavailable, to retain team strength, his replacement usually comes from the side below. This brings about a cascading effect causing changes to almost every side, resulting in 8 changes. (Not withstanding there may be the occasional leapfrog!) Now in addition, say, we have a player from the second side unavailable. This does not affect the top side but from the second side down it now means a minimum of two changes – a minimum of 14 changes to be absorbed somewhere below – and so on!

     The reality of the situation is – if you are playing in a lower division, you will be adversely affected by player absence to a much                greater degree than the sides above you in the hierarchy.

  • Withdrawals, many as late as on pennant days, create forced changes and the perennial (not so subtle) comment from skippers and team members as they arrive “THEY’VE CHANGED OUR SIDE AGAIN”.

      A quick study of the absentee board will show who the players were who withdrew and from which division, necessitating the                    changes.

      When the teams are sent out this season, the changes from the previous week will be listed together with the list of unavailable                players from all those who committed to the Pennant season.

      Once you have found your name on the team lists you can peruse the other information which will explain some of the changes.

  • Reports on player performance we receive throughout the season, will result in changes too, which is the prerogative of selectors.

The Warwick Bowling Club
Lloyd Drive, WARWICK


In accordance with covid-19 legislation in WA 
all members & guests must sign in with the "ServicesWA app"